To live with gratitude is to be humble.  To me, it is also to be in awe and wonder.  Humble because of a deep appreciation for life.  Especially life in the U.S. where everything we desire is at our fingertips.  This gratitude is an appreciation for the number of souls that are a part of every luxury we are able to experience.  Water is a luxury.  We turn on a faucet and safe, drinkable water flows.  It is crystal clear and free from disease.  The number of people that are or have been involved in making that crystal clear, disease-free glass of water is humbling.  The designer of the filtration and purification system that takes the water from non-drinkable to drinkable.  The hundreds of people that built the equipment.  The construction workers that built the facility.  The power that allows it to function is generated at a power plant.  The power plant is a massive undertaking with thousands of contributors.  I am grateful for a system that fosters cooperation.  Capitalism is a risk and reward mechanism that promotes people working together to create something of value.


I am in awe of the opportunity to be and do whatever I choose.  The only restriction is that it is legal and does no harm to others.  Think about a society so free that you can do literally anything you desire.  I am grateful to live in a country where so many people willingly help others each day.  I am in awe of the sacrifices our soldiers are willing to make to assure we maintain our sovereignty.  I am grateful for our military.


I am in wonder of the possibilities and the future.  Cooperation will continue around the world.  The country that isolates itself will be overtaken by a world of cooperation.  The wonder of what is to come inspires me to identify the untapped potential within me.  I am grateful to just be learning how to wonder.  Wonder is where many creations begin.  Also, with a belief in a better or alternative way.  What will we create next?  Whatever it is, I am grateful for the opportunity to participate if I choose and to opt out if that is my desire.


Most of all, I am grateful to have a choice and the freedom to make it.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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