Parental Vision

Each morning, I take a few minutes to write a paragraph about someone or something I am grateful for in my life.  Recently, I wrote about how grateful I am to be a father.  I asked myself how I could be a better father and what my children should expect of me.  It occurred to me that I had not been intentional about the values and qualities of character I most desired to develop in my children.  So I started writing and came up with 11 values and qualities that resonated with me.  My reason for sharing these qualities with you is in hopes of inspiring you to take the time to write down the qualities of character you most hope to inspire in your children.  The next level is to intentionally role model those qualities every day for your children.

Unusual Kindness

I want my daughters to have a big heart and a strong desire to help others.  The essence of kindness is generosity toward others.  I want their kindness to shine through in every action...

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