News Be Damned

How do you feel after you watch the news?  Do you feel empowered?  Are you excited and enthusiastic about the world you live in?  Or are you discouraged, concerned, and worried about the future?


Today’s news has a singular purpose and it is not to educate you.  They want you hooked.  They want you on the edge of your chair, awaiting the next tragedy so they can lure you into their advertising lair.  They offer opinions 24/7 with limited unbiased news reporting in between.  Each channel seems to focus on its political agenda.  They pander to their demos to keep them coming back for more.  Many years ago, political campaign managers learned that negativity wins far more elections.  It didn’t take long for the news services to realize that negativity attracts viewers.  Sensationalize everything!  Seriously, you hear “breaking news” five hundred times in 24 hours on every station, but the news is...

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