What do you want?  What is preventing you from pursuing what you want?  These are two very potent questions that if asked regularly can mean the difference between a life well-lived or an average life.  My hope is that every person reading this article desires more out of life than to just get by.  We are responsible for our lives.  We are responsible for our happiness.  We are responsible for our success and our failure.  The news media, government, educational system, and many other social networks would like for us all to believe we are helpless victims.  They use the “everyone is a victim” strategy to keep us watching and their advertisers paying.  I do not blame them because it works.

Someone told me several years ago that this life was mine to own and this meant I made up the rules.  If I was not happy with an aspect of my life, I needed to change the rules and not wait for the rules to change.  This concept...

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