The Concept of Happiness

The amount of information available to us online or in the bookstores discussing the topic of happiness and the pursuit thereof is overwhelming.  Despite the abundance of content available to us on the subject, our society as a whole continually struggles to discover its “Happiness”.   What is happiness?  According to Webster’s some apt synonyms are pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, well-being, enjoyment, and many more.  Where does happiness come from?  It is a state of being.  Here is the struggle for most of us – we pursue happiness as though it is an object of our desire to be received upon completion of the next task.  When we get this or after we achieve that, then we will be happy.  This is what media and marketing desires of us.  Never be content or satisfied with what you have but continually stress & strive for what you don’t have because that will make you happy.  We are constantly...

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