Who Are You?

Are you who you think you are?  On the surface, the answer seems obvious.  If you have not taken the time to contemplate the answer to this question with a pen and paper, there is potential that you are living someone else’s life.  The majority of people see themselves through the eyes of others.  The image we have of ourselves is that of our spouse, friends, parents, and coworkers.  We are always projecting an image to the world in an effort to get the world to see us in a certain way.  This creates conflict and stress that too often goes unnoticed and manifests itself in the form of mental illness and disease, or just unhappiness.  Our image to the world has been a creation of our ego.  The ego is vulnerable and childish.  It always seeks its way and gets angry when anything externally contradicts or conflicts with its image.  Tiger Woods is an example of someone projecting an image that was in conflict with their...

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